The Progressive Era

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This documentary gives a synopsis of the 1900-1916 Progressive Era in America.

Spanish-American War

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Part of William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold” Speech in 1896

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“The New Colossus” by Emma Lazurus

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This poem articulates what the American Dream of opportunity and a better life is about. It is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty awaiting immigrants at Ellis Island in the “New” era of immigration

Take Home Quiz for Industry

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Due date: Monday, February 9th:

Directions: Each short answer question has an answer found within the reading of the chapter.

1. The role of railroads in the Industrial Revolution:
a) What were specific railroads and how did they help grow the age of Industry?

b) What did the financial Panic of 1893 lead to?

c) What role did the Vanderbilt family play in the crisis?

2. Detail how the following made their fortunes:
a) Andrew Carnegie-

b) John D. Rockefeller (also include the “Gospel of Wealth”-

c) Adam Smith-

d) Thomas Edison-

e) George Westinghouse-

3. List 5 major inventions and explain their significance in advancing this age:
a) ________________-

b) ________________-

c) ________________-

d) ________________-

e) ________________-

4. Impact, explain in detail the following:
a) Marketing of consumer goods-
b) The Horatio Alger myth-
c) The expanding middle class-
d) Women of the era-

5. Labor discontent-detail 3 major labor unions of the era and why they were or were not successful:
a) National Labor Union-
b) Knights of Labor
c) American Federation of Labor-

Test Correction Policy for Major Assessments

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APUSH/SUNY 105-106

Multiple Choice Corrections 

APUSH/SUNY 105-106 students have the opportunity to earn an extra quiz grade for multiple choice corrections that they get wrong on a test.  In order to gain credit the following steps MUST be met:

  1. Turn in corrections with the original sheet
  2. Missed questions must have the correct answer.
  3. Explain WHY you put the answer that you did and why you know that the new answer is correct. These explanations are meant to be prose, not poetry.  The explanation is meant to make you reflect on your thought process.
  4. Where you specifically found the correct answer.
  5. Turn in the corrections by the deadline set by Mr. Kufs


#6.  D I guessed wrong.  I found the answer in my book.


#6.  New Answer:  D- I got #6 wrong because I thought that the Puritans came to the New World to get rich.  In reality, they came for religious freedom.  The answer was found on page 25 of Amsco. (or from the website link or whatever)

Video About Comparing W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington

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Sitting Bull and Little Big Horn Video

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Last West/American Indians/New South/Farmers Quiz

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Last West/American Indians/New South/Farmers Quiz

A quiz from Amsco Chapter 17.

Review Sheet for AP/SUNY US History Midterm Review Sheet 2015

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*For each person, event, term, etc. you MUST understand the CONCEPT.

  • What was the Columbian Exchange and details about the 1500’s in America?
  • Explain details about the American Indians in different regions in the 1600’s
    • Did they work as laborers? Diseases?
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the Chesapeake Bay and Massachusetts colonial regions
  • Discuss slavery, the middle passage and triangular trade
  • What was the Great Awakening of 1730’s and 1740’s and what did it MEAN?
    • George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards
    • Individualism and free thought, self-government
  • Bacon’s Rebellion/Shays’ Rebellion/Whiskey Rebellion
  • Details about the 13 Colonies
  • Navigation Acts and Salutary Neglect
  • French and Indian War causes, snake, effects
  • Enlightenment, Thomas Paine and Common Sense, Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
  • Articles of Confederation-WEAK. Why? Positives?
  • Constitutional Convention of 1787
    • Compromises; Federalism; Separation of Church/State; checks and balances w/ 3 branches
  • Hamilton vs Jefferson (Elitism vs Agrarian) and the first political parties
  • Washington’s traditions
  • (*) SECTIONALISM North vs. South vs. West and key ideas, people, American System, etc. Roots of divisiveness?
  • Reform movement of 1820’s-1840’s
    • Abolition (Garrison, Stowe, Douglass, Tubman), rights of women (similar to abolition?), temperance
    • Second Great Awakening- where, who, why?
    • Transcendentalism, Utopias, etc.
  • Age of Jackson in Democracy increase
  • Age of Jackson with his enemies- Biddle and the Bank, Cherokees, South Carolina, Maysville Road and Clay, misuse of power, vetoes, Worcester vs. Georgia
  • Manifest Destiny with Texas, Mexican War, etc.
  • (*) STEPS to CIVIL WAR
    • Missouri Compromise, Wilmot Proviso, Comp. of 1850, etc.
  • Immigration of the 1800-1860’s
  • Tariffs purpose and who was helped/hurt
  • Lincoln Unconstitutional actions during the Civil War
  • Civil War detail
  • 3 Reconstruction Plans
  • 13/14/15th Amendments
  • Radical Republicans
  • How did it end and WHY? Did the North stop caring as much? Why? Racism?

(*) NOTE-If you see the asterisk it means that you will need tremendous detail on these areas.

Reconstruction PBS Documentary

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Civil War Causes and Conclusions in 4 Minutes

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A really quick look at the causes and conclusions of the American Civil War

Gettsyburg Address

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The Gettysburg Address recited. It gives a clue as to Lincoln’s true objective of the war.

Civil War in 4 Minutes-Battle of Gettysburg

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A strategic look at Gettysburg in 4 minutes.

Twitter Project Civil War Example

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Mallory Tribble , Alex Harris, Jeff Murray,  Kristen Hillard

Mr. Kufs mod 2

Apush Civil War “Mini-Project”

Group 3: Slavery pages 272-274

  • Explain the South’s hopes with foreign affairs.

South: @KingBrit #SOS need help, Yankees are craycray

2) Detail the Trent Affair and the Confederate Raiders

North: @KingBrit don’t sell those ships to the southerners #northrules

Britian: @HonestAbe Can’t believe you arrested the diplomats, guess it was a #yolo  moment

  • What was the “Failure of Cotton Diplomacy”?

Britian: @South no one cares, you are on your own

4) How did Lincoln deal with the Slavery issue?

North (@HonestAbe): @usaofawesome writing the Proclamation, no *!#%$ given. Sorry #congress

  • Detail the Confiscation Acts, the Emancipation Proclamation and its consequences, and the 13th amendment

North: @South we’re keeping your @cottonpickers as “contraband of war”. If you don’t know what it means, look it up!

North: @South might as well give up now, as Commander and Chief I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves then, thenceforward, and forever be free.

North: @South 13 amendment passed, slavery is gone #madbro?

“A House Divided”

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NOTE: I enjoyed this when I was in high school! And it was OLD then :) It is now over 50 years old but still good.

One of the greatest informative documentaries summarizes the Civil War. WARNING-Black and White.

***Change on Dates- About Pre-Civil War Project

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Speeches are due on THURSDAY, December 18th

***All costumes are to be worn on this day

Journals are due on FRIDAY, December 19th


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This is to be completed during break for ALL AP/SUNY US History students.

APUSH/SUNY Work Over Winter Break:

  1. Page 265 to 267 include 4 short answer questions with various parts.  Select any 2 of these short-answer questions and complete them.
  2. Read and annotate Chapter 14. Then create an outline that will serve as useful for a brief group project and a quiz in the days that we return.
  3. EXTRA CREDIT:  Watch the movie “Lincoln” and write a critical analysis.  I will then orally quiz you on the movie.

Steps to Civil War Notes

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Population Density Map 1860

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