Review Sheet for AP/SUNY US History Midterm Review Sheet 2017

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THE APUSH/SUNY MIDTERM will be Thursday, January 26th for the 50 M/C questions, 1 Short Answer and 1 Long ESSAY.  Any conflicts must be communicated to me.  

*For each person, event, term, etc. you MUST understand the CONCEPT.

  • What was the Columbian Exchange and details about the 1500’s in America?
  • Explain details about the American Indians in different regions in the 1600’s
    • Did they work as laborers? Diseases?
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the Chesapeake Bay and Massachusetts colonial regions
  • Discuss slavery, the middle passage and triangular trade
  • What was the Great Awakening of 1730’s and 1740’s and what did it MEAN?
    • George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards
    • Individualism and free thought, self-government
  • Bacon’s Rebellion/Shays’ Rebellion/Whiskey Rebellion
  • Details about the 13 Colonies
  • Navigation Acts and Salutary Neglect
  • French and Indian War causes, snake, effects
  • Enlightenment, Thomas Paine and Common Sense, Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
  • Articles of Confederation-WEAK. Why? Positives?
  • Constitutional Convention of 1787
    • Compromises; Federalism; Separation of Church/State; checks and balances w/ 3 branches
  • Hamilton vs Jefferson (Elitism vs Agrarian) and the first political parties
  • Washington’s traditions
  • (*) SECTIONALISM North vs. South vs. West and key ideas, people, American System, etc. Roots of divisiveness?
  • Reform movement of 1820’s-1840’s
    • Abolition (Garrison, Stowe, Douglass, Tubman), rights of women (similar to abolition?), temperance
    • Second Great Awakening- where, who, why?
    • Transcendentalism, Utopias, etc.
  • Age of Jackson in Democracy increase
  • Age of Jackson with his enemies- Biddle and the Bank, Cherokees, South Carolina, Maysville Road and Clay, misuse of power, vetoes, Worcester vs. Georgia
  • Manifest Destiny with Texas, Mexican War, etc.
  • (*) STEPS to CIVIL WAR
    • Missouri Compromise, Wilmot Proviso, Comp. of 1850, etc.
  • Immigration of the 1800-1860’s
  • Tariffs purpose and who was helped/hurt
  • Lincoln Unconstitutional actions during the Civil War
  • Civil War detail
  • 3 Reconstruction Plans
  • 13/14/15th Amendments
  • Radical Republicans
  • How did it end and WHY? Did the North stop caring as much? Why? Racism?

(*) NOTE-If you see the asterisk it means that you will need tremendous detail on these areas.

Plessy vs Ferguson in 3 Minutes for APUSH/SUNY Students

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I made a three minute video below on the landmark Supreme Court case in 1896 of Plessy vs Ferguson. It talks about the decision to uphold separate but equal. This led to another 58 years (until Brown vs Board of Education in 1954) of legal Jim Crow laws of segregation.

The West by Ken Burns

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Video About Comparing W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington

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Sitting Bull and Little Big Horn Video

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Page 311 #5 Amsco- Long-Essay DUE on January 11th

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Due on January 11- Compare and contrast the efforts for and against the increasing of guarantees for equal rights for all during Reconstruction.

Make sure that you have an introduction paragraph with a CLEAR thesis statement and body paragraphs that back it up, along with a brief conclusion.

Amsco Chapter 15 will have most of what you need for helpful information along with our discussions, videos, and class notes.



Reconstruction Video and Questions

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How did the Southerners view the Reconstruction Era?

How many African slaves were free? _____ million

What years were the Reconstruction Era from? ______-______

What did Lincoln’s Plan allow?

What did Lincoln’s successor Johnson declare about the Southerners?

How did the Radical Republicans in Congress react?

What was sharecropping?

What were laws called Black Codes about?

What did the 13th Amendment do?

What did the 14th Amendment guarantee?

What did the Freedman’s Bureau do?

What did the 15th Amendment do?

How many districts were set up to be ruled by the military in the South? _____

What did Congress say that President Johnson violated? _____________ of _____________ Act

Who was the first black US Senator? ________ ____________

Southern sympathizers of the Reconstruction effort who were-anti-secessionists? ________________

Northerners who came South to profit from Reconstruction were called? ________________

What did the Ku Klux Klan do?

What brought an end to Reconstruction?

John Green Explains Reconstruction

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Homework for Break

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Homework for BREAK:

  1. Do the short answer on 288-290, in detail.  This will be collected on Tuesday, January 3rd.
  2. Read, annotate, highlight, ALL of Chapter 15 on the Reconstruction. 
  3. January will include a TEST on Chapters 11-15 AND a Midterm on Chapters 1-15.  I would study 11-15 over break in preparation for this.

Work for the Week Before Break

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AP/SUNY Civil War short answer questions for a quiz grade

Directions- Complete the following questions using AMSCO

I:  Explain the events of Gettysburg/Vicksburg/Sherman’s March and how they led to the end of the Civil War:

II:  Election of 1864- explain it in detail.

III. How did the Civil War end?  (Grant outlasted Lee but explain and summarize)

IV: What were the effects of the Civil War on civilian life-summarize?  Talk in detail about details of civilian life, political change, the draft, and the political dominance of the north. (279-280)

V:  In detail, explain what the economic change was following the war in regards to financing the war and the modernization of the northern economy.

VI: Economic Change During the Civil War (pg 281 AMSCO)- Explain 4 major ones.

VII: Discuss women at work during the war and the end of slavery.


Another Snow Day

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Well you’ve got another snow day. It’s bittersweet for me. I get time with my babies and look forward to our finding out the new baby gender at an appointment later. BUT I stress about keeping APUSH on track. So please do the following:

1) Speeches will be finished tomorrow and ALL journals completed.

2) Permission slips also for Tuesday’s trip.

3) Watch the 30:00 to end of the Civil War Ken Burns Volume 1 and take notes.

4) Mod 5 and 8 complete the sheet from reading the first six pages of Chapter 14. Mod 1, write down Fort Sumter detail, border states explanation, Lincoln’s acts that went against the Constitution, and wartime advantages and disadvantages for the North and for the South.

This should keep everyone busy. See you tomorrow. Message me with any questions.




Civil War Causes and Conclusions in 4 Minutes

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A really quick look at the causes and conclusions of the American Civil War

Gettsyburg Address

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The Gettysburg Address recited. It gives a clue as to Lincoln’s true objective of the war.

“A House Divided”

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NOTE: I enjoyed this when I was in high school! And it was OLD then 🙂 It is now over 50 years old but still good.

One of the greatest informative documentaries summarizes the Civil War. WARNING-Black and White.

Civil War in 4 Minutes-Battle of Gettysburg

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A strategic look at Gettysburg in 4 minutes.

Election of 1860

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Volume 1 Civil War by Ken Burns

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Compromise of 1850

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Video on Compromise of 1850 to the tune of “Shake It Off”

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Two Minute Dred Scott Video

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