Great Multiple Choice Review for US Regents

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All Period Reviews! Watch

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1980 Miracle on Ice

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How a bunch of college kids on a hockey team helped bring the United States out of the dreary 1970’s and into a new era.

Jimmy Carter in 3 Minutes

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Brief Jimmy Carter Power Point about his life, biography, and key points.

Reagan Challenger Speech

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In place of the State of the Union, events of the Space Shuttle Challenger crashing had President Reagan deliver a different kind of speech. This shows his tender leadership and also he manages to justify why and how we explore space.

The Reagan Humor

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This brief news clip shows the humor of President Reagan. He gained a reputation as one of the most charming and funniest Presidents in American history.

“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down That Wall”

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Two decades after JFK blasted the fact that communism needs to build the Berlin Wall to keep their people in, Ronald Reagan tells Mr. Gorbachev to tear down the wall. He articulates that communism has failed and that the West has won the Cold War. He wishes come true four years later.

“Ping Pong” Diplomacy

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Richard Nixon helps relations between the US and China by sending the Ping Pong team to the communist country. This is demonstrated in a 10 second, fictional clip, by Forrest Gump.

Watergate Documentary

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Watergate in 45 minutes.

Detente- An Easing of Cold War Tensions in the 1970’s

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Détente is a French word meaning relaxing or easing. Détente is applied in a situation of increasing tension between nations. It is a way to find peace through Diplomacy without fighting. Détente was used during the Cold War in 1970′s and did reduce tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

At that time, the major world super powers of the USA, USSR and China, feared a Nuclear holocaust if the Cold War continued. Détente greatly calmed the tensions of the USA and USSR and encouraged more peace worldwide. Around 1989-1990 the Cold War ended, with Détente being finally successful.

Nixon’s “I Am Not a Crook”

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Richard Nixon’s downfall of lying to the American people about his knowledge about the Watergate break in.

Seeing Vietnam on Television

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Part of the trouble for LBJ was that Americans were seeing the horrors of the Vietnam War on their televisions every night.

APUSH in 11 Minutes

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A brief review with some good visuals.

1968 Electoral Map

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1968 Electoral Map

Map showing Nixon’s win against Humphrey and Wallace

Tet Offensive of 1968-Knowing the US Would Never Win

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The Tet Offensive was a military campaign during the Vietnam War that was launched on January 30, 1968 by forces of the Viet Cong and North Vietnam against South Vietnam, the United States, and their allies. It was a campaign of surprise attacks that were launched against military and civilian command and control centers throughout South Vietnam, during a period when no attacks were supposed to take place.

The operations are referred to as the Tet Offensive because there was a prior agreement to “cease fire” during the Tet Lunar New Year celebrations. Both North and South Vietnam announced on national radio broadcasts that there would be a two-day cease-fire during the holiday. Nonetheless, the Communists launched an attack that began during the early morning hours of 30 January 1968, the first day of Tet.

Hippies of the 1960’s

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A brief documentary about the hippies of the 1960’s.

“Hey, Hey, LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?”

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This song is a driving force of the factors that kept Lyndon Johnson from running for re-election in 1968.

1964 Election “Daisy Ad”

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Lyndon B. Johnson helped lock up the 1964 Presidential Election over Barry Goldwater with the running of this iconic ad painting Goldwater as a war monger.

John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address

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Move to the 1:38 mark and see the words that inspired so many Americans.

Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show

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As we study Elvis and the culture and music of the 1950’s this is a must see. Notice nothing from below the waist-he hips moving was seen as obscene to many adults of the conformist era.


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