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Regents Scores Are In!

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Scores are in and they are FANTASTIC.  See me or message me if you would like yours soon.  Best multiple choice percentage ever-Class of 2014 (of any of my past classes) wow! 

Thank you for a wonderful year!!!  Have a great and safe summer!  I enjoyed being your teacher 🙂


Mr. Kufs’ Best M/C Guesses for the Regents in U.S. History and Gov’t

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This is a narrative of my best guesses for the multiple choice portion of the United States History and Government Regents Exam.  If you understand the concepts of each below, you should do very well.  Remember you have 3 hours to complete 50 M/C, a Thematic Essay (follow the task!) and a DBQ Essay with Document Questions.  Remember to have a clear thesis statement for each AND outside information for the DBQ.

Here it is:

Question #1 and sometimes #2 are Geography.
Then it is chronological through around question 45.  They mix it up with themes and current events and tying things together for 46-50.  Tomorrow I will give you my chronological concept outline of 5 and a half pages that is based on what appears on the Multiple Choice from the past 24 Regents exams.  Many questions are repeats of concepts.
There will be 1-2 Colonial Questions-likely something about the *Mayflower Conflict/VA House of Burgesses being examples of Self-Government in Colonial America for one of them
1 about the Dec of Independence or John Locke and Natural Rights
4-6 about the Articles of Confederation (0-1) and the Constitution
Then it walks through history from 1790-present
My best guesses for repeats in addition to the above are:
Something about checks and balances (possibly an example of)
*”Federalism” either by definition or example
*Marbury v Madison as “Judicial Review” or “reviewing the Constitutionality of law”
the Monroe Doctrine wanting the foreign influence OUT of the Latin American region
Seneca Falls and women’s rights
Something about Slavery and its expansion in new territories
Lincoln extending power of the Executive Branch (conscription or writ of habeas corpus)
Reconstruction-life in the S post-Civil War for slaves
*Jim Crow laws and being upheld by Plessy v Ferguson (sep. but equal)
the evils of the Industrial Revolution
Social Darwinism
Cities growth because of jobs in the N in the Industrial Revolution and often filled by “New” immigrants from S&E Europe Italy, Poland, etc)
Populists/Farmers/Silver/Granger societies
*Muckrakers either by definition or specifically mentioning Riis or Sinclair
Teddy Roosevelt either Big Stick or conservation
Federal Reserve System controlling money supply
Sherman Antitrust or Clayton Antitrust or ICC
WWI (usually an easy question or two)-possibly Schenck as “limiting 1st Amendment rights” during wartime
Consumerism of the 1920’s and Credit buying leading to the G.D.
Nativism of the 1920’s leading to racist immigration legislation
Overproduction by farmers of the 1920’s leading to the G.D.
*Harlem Renaissance as a cultural and arts expressional movement of Afr-Am including poet Langston Hughes
*2-3 FDR questions praising his New Deal as expanding the Federal Gov’t and/or Court Packing cartoon of his overreach.
WWII on the Home front (women or rationing)
Post WWII at home (Baby Boom or GI Bill or Suburbs or something)
*1-2 Cold War 45-60 including Red Scare and McCarthy’s witch hunt, the Marshall Plan or containment/Truman Doctrine
JFK’s Peace Corps
*LBJ’s “great” Great Society and its purpose (or failed purpose) of curing poverty.
Vietnam on the home front
2-3 on Civil Rights including a MLK Jr. speech, Freedom Riders, sit-ins, bus boycotts, Brown v Board, Little Rock.
*Rights of Accused Warren Court cases (possibly specifically Gideon or Mapp or Miranda)
Cesar Chavez and the United Mexican Farmers Movement
*détente as an easing of tension with the USSR
Title IX
War Powers Act
*Watergate and people losing faith in politicians
*Carter’s great triumph of the Camp David Accords
*Reagan as a supply-side economist and believer in lower taxes for all.
Reagan’s Iran Contra Scandal
*NAFTA/GATT purpose
Election of 2000 and the failure of popular vote getting the President/ills of the Electoral College
Immigration in the 21st century as an issue
*9/11 Homeland Security-Patriot Act
George W. Bush’s economic woes
Obama and how significant and important his election in 2008 was.




Ms. Rumpf’s Flashcards for US Hist and Gov’t Regents

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Ms. Rumpf’s Flashcards for US Hist and Gov’t Regents

Ms. Rumpf made 200 flashcards to help to prepare for the U.S. History and Government Regents Exam