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Twitter Project Civil War Example

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Mallory Tribble , Alex Harris, Jeff Murray,  Kristen Hillard

Mr. Kufs mod 2

Apush Civil War “Mini-Project”

Group 3: Slavery pages 272-274

  • Explain the South’s hopes with foreign affairs.

South: @KingBrit #SOS need help, Yankees are craycray

2) Detail the Trent Affair and the Confederate Raiders

North: @KingBrit don’t sell those ships to the southerners #northrules

Britian: @HonestAbe Can’t believe you arrested the diplomats, guess it was a #yolo  moment

  • What was the “Failure of Cotton Diplomacy”?

Britian: @South no one cares, you are on your own

4) How did Lincoln deal with the Slavery issue?

North (@HonestAbe): @usaofawesome writing the Proclamation, no *!#%$ given. Sorry #congress

  • Detail the Confiscation Acts, the Emancipation Proclamation and its consequences, and the 13th amendment

North: @South we’re keeping your @cottonpickers as “contraband of war”. If you don’t know what it means, look it up!

North: @South might as well give up now, as Commander and Chief I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves then, thenceforward, and forever be free.

North: @South 13 amendment passed, slavery is gone #madbro?


***Change on Dates- About Pre-Civil War Project

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Speeches are due on THURSDAY, December 18th

***All costumes are to be worn on this day

Journals are due on FRIDAY, December 19th


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This is to be completed during break for ALL AP/SUNY US History students.

APUSH/SUNY Work Over Winter Break:

  1. Page 265 to 267 include 4 short answer questions with various parts.  Select any 2 of these short-answer questions and complete them.
  2. Read and annotate Chapter 14. Then create an outline that will serve as useful for a brief group project and a quiz in the days that we return.
  3. EXTRA CREDIT:  Watch the movie “Lincoln” and write a critical analysis.  I will then orally quiz you on the movie.

Steps to Civil War Notes

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Mexican War in 3 Minutes

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“Story of Us” Westward Expansion

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This is a documentary about settling the West.