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Page 311 #5 Amsco- Long-Essay DUE on January 11th

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Due on January 11- Compare and contrast the efforts for and against the increasing of guarantees for equal rights for all during Reconstruction.

Make sure that you have an introduction paragraph with a CLEAR thesis statement and body paragraphs that back it up, along with a brief conclusion.

Amsco Chapter 15 will have most of what you need for helpful information along with our discussions, videos, and class notes.




Reconstruction Video and Questions

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How did the Southerners view the Reconstruction Era?

How many African slaves were free? _____ million

What years were the Reconstruction Era from? ______-______

What did Lincoln’s Plan allow?

What did Lincoln’s successor Johnson declare about the Southerners?

How did the Radical Republicans in Congress react?

What was sharecropping?

What were laws called Black Codes about?

What did the 13th Amendment do?

What did the 14th Amendment guarantee?

What did the Freedman’s Bureau do?

What did the 15th Amendment do?

How many districts were set up to be ruled by the military in the South? _____

What did Congress say that President Johnson violated? _____________ of _____________ Act

Who was the first black US Senator? ________ ____________

Southern sympathizers of the Reconstruction effort who were-anti-secessionists? ________________

Northerners who came South to profit from Reconstruction were called? ________________

What did the Ku Klux Klan do?

What brought an end to Reconstruction?

John Green Explains Reconstruction

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Reconstruction PBS Documentary

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  1. What did Johnson do differently than Lincoln?
  2. What was a “Black Code?”
  3. What law did Andrew Johnson veto?
  4. What was the Congressional Response and WHY?
  5. Who led the Radical Republicans and why?
  6. What was the 14th Amendment?


APUSH Homework over Break:

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  1. Answer multiple choice on Page 285-287 1-8 WITH a ONE sentence explanation of why you picked it—to be collected.
  2. READ and ANNOTATE ALL of Chapter 15.  Expect a QUIZ on Monday, January 4th when we return.