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Winner of the 2017 APUSH Rap Battle

Posted in Review on June 7, 2017 by mrkufs

Mr. Kufs’ students were given U.S. History review topics for each class and 30 minutes to write a rap. The first place winner was Samantha Whalen with her topics on the Great Society, Washington’s Farewell Address, and federalism.


After School Points Review-March

Posted in Review on February 27, 2017 by mrkufs

APUSH/SUNY Eagle Mod Rewards Program

Beginning on February 28th and ending on the last day of classes, students that stay Eagle Mod for Mr. Kufs will receive “rewards points” that will be used for extra credit AND also for prizes.

Each day will have a value number associated for it and those points will add up.  Regular review days will be worth 100 points unless otherwise indicated.  The days will be as follows, tentatively:

Tuesday, Feb 28-KAHOOT 100 points

Thurs, Mar 2-KAHOOT 100 points

Fri, Mar 3-Guest Speaker 200 points

Mon, Mar 6-Review for 20-21-22 Test

Thurs, Mar 9- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Mon, Mar 13- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Tues, Mar 14- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Thurs, Mar 16- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Fri, Mar 17- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Mon, Mar 20- Make-up date

Tues, Mar 21- APUSH WHIZ Semis (200 watch, 200 play)

Thur, Mar 23- FINALS!!! (200 watch, 200 play)

Fri, Mar 24- Make-up date

Mon, Mar 27- a new schedule of daily points/review will be presented.

Points will be cashed in at the end of the marking period.