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Homework for Break

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Homework for BREAK:

  1. Do the short answer on 288-290, in detail.  This will be collected on Tuesday, January 3rd.
  2. Read, annotate, highlight, ALL of Chapter 15 on the Reconstruction. 
  3. January will include a TEST on Chapters 11-15 AND a Midterm on Chapters 1-15.  I would study 11-15 over break in preparation for this.

Another Snow Day

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Well you’ve got another snow day. It’s bittersweet for me. I get time with my babies and look forward to our finding out the new baby gender at an appointment later. BUT I stress about keeping APUSH on track. So please do the following:

1) Speeches will be finished tomorrow and ALL journals completed.

2) Permission slips also for Tuesday’s trip.

3) Watch the 30:00 to end of the Civil War Ken Burns Volume 1 and take notes.

4) Mod 5 and 8 complete the sheet from reading the first six pages of Chapter 14. Mod 1, write down Fort Sumter detail, border states explanation, Lincoln’s acts that went against the Constitution, and wartime advantages and disadvantages for the North and for the South.

This should keep everyone busy. See you tomorrow. Message me with any questions.




Civil War in 4 Minutes-Battle of Gettysburg

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A strategic look at Gettysburg in 4 minutes.

Election of 1860

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Volume 1 Civil War by Ken Burns

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