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Work for the Week Before Break

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AP/SUNY Civil War short answer questions for a quiz grade

Directions- Complete the following questions using AMSCO

I:  Explain the events of Gettysburg/Vicksburg/Sherman’s March and how they led to the end of the Civil War:

II:  Election of 1864- explain it in detail.

III. How did the Civil War end?  (Grant outlasted Lee but explain and summarize)

IV: What were the effects of the Civil War on civilian life-summarize?  Talk in detail about details of civilian life, political change, the draft, and the political dominance of the north. (279-280)

V:  In detail, explain what the economic change was following the war in regards to financing the war and the modernization of the northern economy.

VI: Economic Change During the Civil War (pg 281 AMSCO)- Explain 4 major ones.

VII: Discuss women at work during the war and the end of slavery.



Causes of Civil War

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Video on Compromise of 1850 to the tune of “Shake It Off”

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Population Density Map 1860

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Railroads by 1860

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Mexican War in 3 Minutes

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Homework for 11/28-TUESDAY

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On Tuesday we will continue going through the work you did on Chapter 11 in detail. Basically it is society, culture, and reform in the 1820-1860 era before the Civil War.

Your work is as follows:

Your notebook should be divided into SEVEN categories for the chapter.

  • Religion
  • Utopian Communities
  • Literature
  • Other reforms (alcohol, blind, deaf, prisons, etc)
  • Education
  • Women
  • Anti-Slavery

Other reforms will be the largest category.  Then place every person, group, movement, etc into the categories.  READ THE CHAPTER!  Here is flashcards if you need help

Once you have everything categorized then you need to KNOW them all.  That is obviously the hard part!  There will be a quiz on Wednesday or Thursday.

-Mr. Kufs

Reform Video in America 1830-1860

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Election of 1824 and 1828

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APUSH Review Chapter 7-8-9 Amsco Video

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Quick American System by Henry Clay Video

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Welcome Back, Jefferson

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Adams Meets King George III-1785

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Saratoga/Valley Forge/Yorktown

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Liberty Kids- Second Continental Congress

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Farmer Refuted and You’ll Be Back

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Listen to these two Hamilton songs and answer the following questions:

Farmer Refuted

• What does each character want? How do you know?
• What does Hamilton think of Samuel Seabury?
• How does this song connect to what you already know about loyalists and revolutionaries?

You’ll Be Back

• Who is King George singing to?
• What is he singing about?

John Green on Colonies

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Triangular Trade

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Gilder Lehrman Study Guide Videos

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Mr. Kufs' AP US History/SUNY Page

Period Materials

Each Period (1-9) has a very concise lecture about the important themes and terms.  You will periodically be assigned to watch these for homework, and then come to class prepared to discuss them.

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Key Concept Period 1.1

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