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Saratoga/Valley Forge/Yorktown

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Liberty Kids- Second Continental Congress

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Farmer Refuted and You’ll Be Back

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Listen to these two Hamilton songs and answer the following questions:

Farmer Refuted

• What does each character want? How do you know?
• What does Hamilton think of Samuel Seabury?
• How does this song connect to what you already know about loyalists and revolutionaries?

You’ll Be Back

• Who is King George singing to?
• What is he singing about?

John Green on Colonies

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Triangular Trade

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Gilder Lehrman Study Guide Videos

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Mr. Kufs' AP US History/SUNY Page

Period Materials

Each Period (1-9) has a very concise lecture about the important themes and terms.  You will periodically be assigned to watch these for homework, and then come to class prepared to discuss them.

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Key Concept Period 1.1

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APUSH Period 1 Notes

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Freestyle Rap Project Beat

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Best 1970’s Music

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Gilder Lehrman Review Videos for All 9 Periods

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Opening Credits from the Movie “Miracle”

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A look through images of the years of malaise preceding 1980 when the country was feeling poorly about itself.

1965-1970 Documentary

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Post WWII Video

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6 Minute video of post-1945 America

Essay Due Monday, March 27

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How “revolutionary” was the New Deal? Evaluate the significant changes that it brought and determine how different the nation became because of it.

Make sure to have a 4-8 sentence introduction paragraph AND a clear thesis statement.  Also supporting body paragraphs and a brief conclusion.


Facebook Live for Students Who Missed It.

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Review of the 1920’s and beginning of the 1930’s and chapter 24. Read up to 507.

Wilson’s 14 Points

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Progressive Video

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Take notes on the following categories while watching this video:

“The Unfinished Nation” The Progressive Era


Place a few notes from the documentary about each of these areas:


Documents the progressive era, a period of major reform efforts reacting to the changes brought on by industrialization and urbanization of the Industrial Revolution.


women’s suffrage-



labor reform –






monopoly reform-



African Americans-






women’s social status-

Homework for the Week Feb. 6-10

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In light of so MANY absent this week here is what you need to do:

Read, annotate, and take notes up to Amsco 417 (up to Teddy Roosevelt) for THURSDAY.

Thursday, during class, work as far as we can get on the notes about Teddy Roosevelt.  For FRIDAY, read, annotate, and take notes up to page 422.

We will go over the entire chapter on Friday into Monday.

Part of William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold” Speech in 1896

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