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After School Points Review-March

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APUSH/SUNY Eagle Mod Rewards Program

Beginning on February 28th and ending on the last day of classes, students that stay Eagle Mod for Mr. Kufs will receive “rewards points” that will be used for extra credit AND also for prizes.

Each day will have a value number associated for it and those points will add up.  Regular review days will be worth 100 points unless otherwise indicated.  The days will be as follows, tentatively:

Tuesday, Feb 28-KAHOOT 100 points

Thurs, Mar 2-KAHOOT 100 points

Fri, Mar 3-Guest Speaker 200 points

Mon, Mar 6-Review for 20-21-22 Test

Thurs, Mar 9- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Mon, Mar 13- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Tues, Mar 14- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Thurs, Mar 16- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Fri, Mar 17- APUSH WHIZ prelim (100 watch, 200 play)

Mon, Mar 20- Make-up date

Tues, Mar 21- APUSH WHIZ Semis (200 watch, 200 play)

Thur, Mar 23- FINALS!!! (200 watch, 200 play)

Fri, Mar 24- Make-up date

Mon, Mar 27- a new schedule of daily points/review will be presented.

Points will be cashed in at the end of the marking period.


Homework Over February Break

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18 Questions from Chapters 15-19- DUE on MONDAY, FEB. 27th (note these will vary in length but should be NO longer than a paragraph)…this will be a quiz grade and not a regular homework grade.

Review the Progressive Era in its entirety.  This means be ready for Monday wrapping it up.

Work ahead-World War I Essential Questions.  This requires reading MOST of Chapter 22.  The due date is on TUESDAY, Feb. 28th.  Here are the questions:

World War I Essential Questions

1. Explain in detail the sequence of events that led the world to war in 1914.

2. Explain the 4 underlying causes of the war.

3. Detail American neutrality in the early part of the war.

4. Detail submarine warfare and the Lusitania.

5. Describe the US relationship w/ Britain and France.

6. What was Public Opinion of the war from most Americans?

7. Define preparedness

8. What was Wilson’s 1916 reelection campaign promise?

9. Detail the steps for the US decision for entering the war.

Mr. Kufs Talking Foreign Policy 1898-1916

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Watch the video in its entirety with your notes and Amsco. Be prepared for quick quiz on Chapter 20 tomorrow. Then, scroll down and watch the Progressive Documentary and take notes.

Progressive Video

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Take notes on the following categories while watching this video:

“The Unfinished Nation” The Progressive Era


Place a few notes from the documentary about each of these areas:


Documents the progressive era, a period of major reform efforts reacting to the changes brought on by industrialization and urbanization of the Industrial Revolution.


women’s suffrage-



labor reform –






monopoly reform-



African Americans-






women’s social status-

Homework for the Week Feb. 6-10

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In light of so MANY absent this week here is what you need to do:

Read, annotate, and take notes up to Amsco 417 (up to Teddy Roosevelt) for THURSDAY.

Thursday, during class, work as far as we can get on the notes about Teddy Roosevelt.  For FRIDAY, read, annotate, and take notes up to page 422.

We will go over the entire chapter on Friday into Monday.

Test Correction Policy for MIDTERM Exam-DUE: Thursday, Feb. 16

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APUSH/SUNY 105-106

Multiple Choice Corrections 

APUSH/SUNY 105-106 students have the opportunity to earn an HALF POINTS back for multiple choice corrections that they get wrong on a test.  In order to gain credit the following steps MUST be met:

  1. Turn in corrections with the original sheet
  2. Missed questions must have the correct answer.
  3. Explain WHY you put the answer that you did and why you know that the new answer is correct. These explanations are meant to be prose, not poetry.  The explanation is meant to make you reflect on your thought process.
  4. Where you specifically found the correct answer-meaning the page in Amsco specifically.
  5. Turn in the corrections by the deadline set by Mr. Kufs


#6.  D I guessed wrong.  I found the answer in my book.


#6.  New Answer:  D- I got #6 wrong because I thought that the Puritans came to the New World to get rich.  In reality, they came for religious freedom.  The answer was found on page 25 of Amsco. (or from the website link or whatever)

America Becomes a World Power Part 2

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American Imperialism 3/3

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