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Homework for February Break 2019

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  1. Complete these by Monday, Feb. 25 to be collected. The Essential Questions from Amsco Chapters 15-19 (the questions are NOT in order)

Directions:  On separate sheets of paper, answer each question:

  1. Describe the political corruptions of the Grant administration and the various efforts to clean up politics in the Gilded Age.
  2. Describe the economic slump of the 1870’s and the growing conflict between “hard” and “soft” money advocates.
  3. Analyze the Hayes-Tilden election of 1876 and indicate how it avoided major conflict.
  4. Explain the importance of the Spoils System in Gilded Age politics and how Garfield’s assassination led to the beginning of the Civil Service Act.
  5. Explain how railroads became the basis for post-Civil War industrial transformation.
  6. Discuss how the abuses of the railroads led to railroad industry regulation by the government.
  7. Describe the development of giant trusts and explain how they came to dominate the economy.
  8. Explain why the South was generally excluded from the industrial development and eventually had to rely on the North for economic stability.
  9. Describe early labor’s effort to organize through unions.
  10. Describe the “new immigration” and how it affected American cities and the workplace.
  11. Explain why “new immigration” aroused so much opposition from nativists.
  12. Describe the final settlement of the west.
  13. Discuss the conquest of the Plains Indians in the late 1800’s.
  14. Explain how western farmers fell into economic turmoil and their response to the problem.
  15. Describe the Republican Party’s high tariff and high spending policies of the early 1890’s.
  16. Explain how farmer and labor discontent with the Republican’s high tariff and high spending polices led to Cleveland’s victory and the rise of the Populists.
  17. Indicate how Cleveland’s tight money policy during the depression of the 1893 led to debtor discontent, labor unrest, and Democratic division.
  18. Explain the issue of silver vs. gold and the election of 1896.

2. Watch the Foreign Policy video I made and annotate and read Chapter 20.



Homework for the Week Feb. 6-10

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In light of so MANY absent this week here is what you need to do:

Read, annotate, and take notes up to Amsco 417 (up to Teddy Roosevelt) for THURSDAY.

Thursday, during class, work as far as we can get on the notes about Teddy Roosevelt.  For FRIDAY, read, annotate, and take notes up to page 422.

We will go over the entire chapter on Friday into Monday.