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Nixon’s “I Am Not a Crook”

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Richard Nixon’s downfall of lying to the American people about his knowledge about the Watergate break in.


Opening Credits from the Movie “Miracle”

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A look through images of the years of malaise preceding 1980 when the country was feeling poorly about itself.

Watergate Documentary

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“Ping Pong” Diplomacy

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Richard Nixon helps relations between the US and China by sending the Ping Pong team to the communist country. This is demonstrated in a 10 second, fictional clip, by Forrest Gump.

Detente- An Easing of Cold War Tensions in the 1970’s

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Détente is a French word meaning relaxing or easing. Détente is applied in a situation of increasing tension between nations. It is a way to find peace through Diplomacy without fighting. Détente was used during the Cold War in 1970′s and did reduce tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

At that time, the major world super powers of the USA, USSR and China, feared a Nuclear holocaust if the Cold War continued. Détente greatly calmed the tensions of the USA and USSR and encouraged more peace worldwide. Around 1989-1990 the Cold War ended, with Détente being finally successful.

1980 Miracle on Ice

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How a bunch of college kids on a hockey team helped bring the United States out of the dreary 1970’s and into a new era.

Watergate Documentary

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Watergate in 45 minutes.

APUSH Homework Over Spring Break

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Due date for ALL is on Monday, April 24th.

  1. Complete all of the boxes on the Period 8 Outline.
  2. Complete the DBQ on Progressivism on AMSCO page 724-727.  This should include an introduction with a clear thesis statement that addresses the prompts and the use of AT LEAST six of the seven documents.
  3. Read, annotate, and complete the notes for ALL of AMSCO Chapter 29.
  4. Begin the long-term essay guess sheet that is DUE on May 4th.


Jimmy Carter in 3 Minutes

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Brief Jimmy Carter Power Point about his life, biography, and key points.