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Spanish-American War

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Take Home Quiz for Industry

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Due date: Monday, February 9th:

Directions: Each short answer question has an answer found within the reading of the chapter.

1. The role of railroads in the Industrial Revolution:
a) What were specific railroads and how did they help grow the age of Industry?

b) What did the financial Panic of 1893 lead to?

c) What role did the Vanderbilt family play in the crisis?

2. Detail how the following made their fortunes:
a) Andrew Carnegie-

b) John D. Rockefeller (also include the “Gospel of Wealth”-

c) Adam Smith-

d) Thomas Edison-

e) George Westinghouse-

3. List 5 major inventions and explain their significance in advancing this age:
a) ________________-

b) ________________-

c) ________________-

d) ________________-

e) ________________-

4. Impact, explain in detail the following:
a) Marketing of consumer goods-
b) The Horatio Alger myth-
c) The expanding middle class-
d) Women of the era-

5. Labor discontent-detail 3 major labor unions of the era and why they were or were not successful:
a) National Labor Union-
b) Knights of Labor
c) American Federation of Labor-