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Reconstruction PBS Documentary

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  1. What did Johnson do differently than Lincoln?
  2. What was a “Black Code?”
  3. What law did Andrew Johnson veto?
  4. What was the Congressional Response and WHY?
  5. Who led the Radical Republicans and why?
  6. What was the 14th Amendment?



Mexican War Questions

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Mexican War Homework is to read 233-235 and explain:

Mexican War 1846-1848:
1. What did President Polk send John Slidell to negotiate with Mexico?
2. Did it work and why/why not?
3. What was the immediate cause of the war?
4. What were the important events during the war?
5. What was the treaty that ended the war and what did it give the US?
6. What was the significance of the Wilmot Proviso and why was it called a prelude to Civil War?