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Gilded Age Terms

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Gilded Age – Pursuit of wealthy is life’s highest goal; wealthy=aristocracy; politics criticized.
Solid South – South votes democratic till mid 20th century.
Stalwarts – Anti civil service reform; pro spoil system.
Halfbreeds – Moderates for civil service reform.
Mugwumps – Demanded civil service reforms.
Pendleton Act – Civil Service Commission- Civil service reform; federal workers chosen on test scores from exams; no political contribution from civil servants.
McKinley Tariff – Raise tax on foreign goods; help pay for “Billion Dollar Congress.”
Sherman Silver Purchase Act – Use more silver (small amounts) to satisfy farmer & miners.
Populist (People’s) Party – Began with Omaha Platform; Stop economic control of banks & trusts; attack laissez faire; unites poor blacks & whites.
Omaha Platform – Politically: direct elections of senators; enacting st8 laws by voters (initiatives & referendums on ballots); Economically: unlimited silver; graduated income tax; telegraph & telephone systems owned & operated by gov’t; loans for farmers; 8 hour day for workers.
Coxey’s Army – 1894-Unemployed march to D.C. led by Populist Jacob Coxey; want fed gov’t spend $500mil public programs create jobs; arrested & went home.
William Jennings Bryan, “Cross of God” – Influential speech makes Bryan dem. candidate; for free silver

Part of William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold” Speech in 1896

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