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APUSH in 11 Minutes

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A brief review with some good visuals.


Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier in 1947

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Baseball was king following World War II. Forever, African-Americans were forced to play in their own segregated leagues. In 1947 the Brookyn Dodgers (Dem Bums) took a chance with their GM Branch Rickey picking Jackie to be the first. He faced some struggles but his resiliance paved the way for the Don Newcombe’s, Roy Campenella’s and Willie Mays’ to become the stars of the league. Baseball took the lead for the Civil Rights of the 1950’s and 1960’s events that followed.

2015 Review Schedule for APUSH Exam on May 8th

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2015 APUSH/SUNY MOD 12 Review Schedule:

(note-ALL students regardless if you are taking the APUSH exam on May 8th are responsible for collected review work.)

Date                              Work Due_(*collected/graded)________              MOD 12 lesson________

Monday, Apr 13:       *Period 2 MC/Short Answer over break        Colonial

Tuesday, Apr 14:      Period 3 page 100 Questions 1 and 2          Revolution and Articles of Conf

Thurs, Apr 16:          Period 3 page 120/121 MC 1-8                      Constitution and 1790’s

Friday, Apr 17:         None due (finish Periods 2-3)                        All Periods 2-3 review

Monday, Apr 20:       *Period 4 pg 147-149 SA 1,2, and 4              1800-1816 (War of 1812, Marbury, etc.)

Tuesday, Apr 21:      NONE (3rd quarter test in class)                     NONE

Thurs, Apr 23:          *Period 4 pg 204-206 #1-3 SA                       Jackson!

Friday, Apr 24           Period 4 pg 170 #2 and 188 #1-2 SA             Nationalism/Sectionalism (chap 8/9)

Monday, Apr 27        Period 4 chart on Chapter 11 Reformers        Review on Chapter 11 Reform

Monday, Apr 27        late review 3-4:00 for BOCES, others: Period 3-4

Tuesday, Apr 28        Period 5 264 MC 6-8; 306 MC 4-5                 1840-end of Reconstruction

Thurs, Apr 30            *page 723 SA #3-4                                         Go over short answer/talk test

Friday, May 1            Period 6 393-395 MC 1-8                               Finish Period 6 review/talk test                     

Monday, May 4         Go through Period 7 & bring questions          Period 7 review

Monday, May 4         late review 3-4:00 for BOCES, others: Period 5-7

Tuesday, May 5         NONE: Get ready for test, 18 questions        go over 18, BYOQ    

Thursday, May 7       NONE: Get ready for test                              BYOQ

Friday, May 8 at 7:50 AM-the APUSH exam

  • I fully expect ALL (non-BOCES) students taking the May 8th exam to attend at least two classes a week. I also expect that each of you will devote at least 3 hours a week working with AMSCO and doing what works for you to review.  This could be 30 minutes a day or 3 hours on Sunday or whatever.
  • Please keep up with my website for updates and work.
  • I encourage you to divide chapters and create work, outlines, etc. and teach each other on your own time.
  • I also except that in-class work will be kept up with as well. Expect a similar schedule for May 11-June 15 for the Regents as well.
  • Opportunity comes to those who put in the hard work and effort.


Mr. Kufs

(all times/assignments subject to change without notice)