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Reconstruction Questions

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HOMEWORK for Christmas Break:  Read and annotate ALL of Chapter 15 on the Reconstruction.  Then, to be collected on January 2nd, answer the following questions:

  1. Explain in detail Lincoln’s policy of amnesty and reconstruction.
  2. What is the Wade-Davis Bill?
  3. What did Johnson’s reconstruction plan do differently than Lincoln’s?
  4. What was a “Black Code?”
  5. What law did Andrew Johnson veto?
  6. What was the Congressional Response and WHY?
  7. Who led the Radical Republicans and why?
  8. What was the 14th Amendment?
  9. Explain in detail Johnson’s Impeachment.

Work DUE MONDAY December 18th

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AP/SUNY Civil War short answer questions for a quiz grade

Directions- Complete the following questions using AMSCO

I:  Explain the events of Gettysburg/Vicksburg/Sherman’s March and how they led to the end of the Civil War:

II:  Election of 1864- explain it in detail.

III. How did the Civil War end?  (Grant outlasted Lee but explain and summarize)

IV: What were the effects of the Civil War on civilian life-summarize?  Talk in detail about details of civilian life, political change, the draft, and the political dominance of the north. (279-280)

V:  In detail, explain what the economic change was following the war in regards to financing the war and the modernization of the northern economy.

VI: Economic Change During the Civil War (pg 281 AMSCO)- Explain 4 major ones.

VII: Discuss women at work during the war and the end of slavery.


Gettsyburg Address

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The Gettysburg Address recited. It gives a clue as to Lincoln’s true objective of the war.

“A House Divided”

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NOTE: I enjoyed this when I was in high school! And it was OLD then 🙂 It is now over 50 years old but still good.

One of the greatest informative documentaries summarizes the Civil War. WARNING-Black and White.

Civil War Causes and Conclusions in 4 Minutes

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A really quick look at the causes and conclusions of the American Civil War