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Boston Massacre

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This print by Paul Revere passed along all the colonies. It portrayed a scene where it looked like the British guards were a firing squad-which was not exactly the truth. This is really a first example of propaganda in America.The Boston Massacre during the American Revolution


Albany Plan of Union

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English: This political cartoon (attributed to...

English: This political cartoon (attributed to Benjamin Franklin) originally appeared during the French and Indian War, but was recycled to encourage the American colonies to unite against British rule. Description taken from File:Joinordie.jpg uploaded by User:Lies5150. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Albany Plan of Union was a proposal to create a unified government for the Thirteen Colonies, suggested by Benjamin Franklin, then a senior leader of 48 and a delegate from Pennsylvania, at the Albany Congress in July 1754 in Albany, New York. More than twenty representatives of several northern and mid-Atlantic colonies had gathered to plan their defense related to the French and Indian War, the front in North America of the Seven Years War between Great Britain and France. The Plan represented an early attempt to form a union of the colonies “under one government as far as might be necessary for defense and other general important purposes.”

Source: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Second Edition. Yale University Press, 1964. pp. 209-210

Great Place for AP US Outlines!

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Instructions for SUNY/OCC Registration

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CCNow Online STUDENT Reg Directions (7-2015)

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

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The Alan Jackson classic “Where were you” set to images from that fateful day of September 11, 2001.

Final Phone Call from 9/11/01

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Interview with the woman who talked to September 11, 2001 hero Todd Beamer before he uttered the now famous words, “Let’s Roll.”