Eagle Mod Review Schedule for Regents

Eagle Mod APUSH Regents Review Schedule

*Note that the same rewards will be given for Regents Review as were for MP3 and the APUSH exam.  For students scoring below 35 correct on the first M/C assessment ONCE a week minimum is mandatory (minus BOCES) for you. Also note that the baby will mean I will not be here for a few days.

Tuesday, May 16: We will be going over the ORANGE M/C questions with explanations.

Thurs, May 18:  We will be reviewing the DBQ together from class.

Friday, May 19: Regents Review Kahoot

Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 23: Practice M/C 5 at a time

Thurs, May 25: Going over the in class M/C exam

Friday, May 26: No class-Pretest De-stress Day

Monday, May 29: Memorial Day- no class

Tuesday, May 30: Thematic Essay workshop

Thurs, June 1 and Friday, June 2: Current Events 1990-Present-all students need to attend one.

Monday, June 5: Practice M/C 5 at a time

Tuesday, June 6: Go over M/C from class

Thurs, June 8: Practice M/C 5 at a time

Friday, June 9:  Kahoot

Monday, June 12: Last minute stuff



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