Homework Over February Break

18 Questions from Chapters 15-19- DUE on MONDAY, FEB. 27th (note these will vary in length but should be NO longer than a paragraph)…this will be a quiz grade and not a regular homework grade.

Review the Progressive Era in its entirety.  This means be ready for Monday wrapping it up.

Work ahead-World War I Essential Questions.  This requires reading MOST of Chapter 22.  The due date is on TUESDAY, Feb. 28th.  Here are the questions:

World War I Essential Questions

1. Explain in detail the sequence of events that led the world to war in 1914.

2. Explain the 4 underlying causes of the war.

3. Detail American neutrality in the early part of the war.

4. Detail submarine warfare and the Lusitania.

5. Describe the US relationship w/ Britain and France.

6. What was Public Opinion of the war from most Americans?

7. Define preparedness

8. What was Wilson’s 1916 reelection campaign promise?

9. Detail the steps for the US decision for entering the war.


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