Snow Day

Well, well, well, you got a snow day!  I spent the morning shoveling out our cars and then gave in and bought a snowblower!

Anyway-If you could give me a little of your time I would appreciate it.  We will be cramming two days into one tomorrow.

Here is what you need to write down/look over/know for tomorrow:

  • Indian Removal Act/Cherokee Removal Act/Worcester vs Georgia/Trail of Tears
  • Nullification Crisis
  • Bank Veto and Nicholas Biddle
  • Pet Banks and Species Circular
  • Democrats and Whigs chart
  • Elections of Van Buren in 1836 (and the Panic of 1837) and Harrison in 1840

I will either be calling on you vigorously or quizzing you on these items and the rest of Jackson tomorrow!  If by some chance there is another snow day tomorrow-be prepared for a major Chapter 11 assignment!!!

THANK YOU!  Enjoy your day and make it productive!

-Mr Kufs


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