2015 Review Schedule for APUSH Exam on May 8th


2015 APUSH/SUNY MOD 12 Review Schedule:

(note-ALL students regardless if you are taking the APUSH exam on May 8th are responsible for collected review work.)

Date                              Work Due_(*collected/graded)________              MOD 12 lesson________

Monday, Apr 13:       *Period 2 MC/Short Answer over break        Colonial

Tuesday, Apr 14:      Period 3 page 100 Questions 1 and 2          Revolution and Articles of Conf

Thurs, Apr 16:          Period 3 page 120/121 MC 1-8                      Constitution and 1790’s

Friday, Apr 17:         None due (finish Periods 2-3)                        All Periods 2-3 review

Monday, Apr 20:       *Period 4 pg 147-149 SA 1,2, and 4              1800-1816 (War of 1812, Marbury, etc.)

Tuesday, Apr 21:      NONE (3rd quarter test in class)                     NONE

Thurs, Apr 23:          *Period 4 pg 204-206 #1-3 SA                       Jackson!

Friday, Apr 24           Period 4 pg 170 #2 and 188 #1-2 SA             Nationalism/Sectionalism (chap 8/9)

Monday, Apr 27        Period 4 chart on Chapter 11 Reformers        Review on Chapter 11 Reform

Monday, Apr 27        late review 3-4:00 for BOCES, others: Period 3-4

Tuesday, Apr 28        Period 5 264 MC 6-8; 306 MC 4-5                 1840-end of Reconstruction

Thurs, Apr 30            *page 723 SA #3-4                                         Go over short answer/talk test

Friday, May 1            Period 6 393-395 MC 1-8                               Finish Period 6 review/talk test                     

Monday, May 4         Go through Period 7 & bring questions          Period 7 review

Monday, May 4         late review 3-4:00 for BOCES, others: Period 5-7

Tuesday, May 5         NONE: Get ready for test, 18 questions        go over 18, BYOQ    

Thursday, May 7       NONE: Get ready for test                              BYOQ

Friday, May 8 at 7:50 AM-the APUSH exam

  • I fully expect ALL (non-BOCES) students taking the May 8th exam to attend at least two classes a week. I also expect that each of you will devote at least 3 hours a week working with AMSCO and doing what works for you to review.  This could be 30 minutes a day or 3 hours on Sunday or whatever.
  • Please keep up with my website for updates and work. mrkufs.wordpress.com
  • I encourage you to divide chapters and create work, outlines, etc. and teach each other on your own time.
  • I also except that in-class work will be kept up with as well. Expect a similar schedule for May 11-June 15 for the Regents as well.
  • Opportunity comes to those who put in the hard work and effort.


Mr. Kufs

(all times/assignments subject to change without notice)

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