Sunday, April 27th APUSH Student Review

Abby and Nick put together the list and drew the chapters for the 1:00pm April 27th 5 minute each review.  If this actually happens it is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen!  Here are the chapters:

Taylor Altwarg: 7 Adriana Devaul: 28 Nick Falcone: 14, 27 Rachel Gleason: 22 Keelie Hotchkiss: 1 Jared Jennings: 23 James Mickle: 19 Zach Tong: 9

MOD 4: Kate Badman: 30 Austin Barrigar: 2 Lester Bozeat: 13 Tori Duger: 18 Abby Fordyce: 10, 26 Stephanie Lacey: 8 Nick Lutz: 5 Austin Milton: 4 Zach Rink: 3 Brian Rowley: 25 Katie Szkolnik: 6 McKayla Weaver 16

MOD 10: Natalie Emerick: 16 Brittany Hares: 12 Jennifer Hartwell: 21 Jessie Karagosian: 11 Nicole Martino: 17 Taylor Solomon: 15 Ally Sylvester: 20 Zach Wagner: 24


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