Test on Wednesday and Baby Carly Update

I will be in tomorrow in the AM only.  For the Mod 11 class please rest well tomorrow evening and get mentally prepared to test Wednesday AM. 

Here is the update for Baby Carly’s surgery:

Carly is out of surgery and the surgeon was pleased. He was able to close it with a suture and not a patch, which is a plus. This cuts in half the chances of more surgery as she develops to 10-15%.

Plenty of things to watch in the coming days/weeks with her breathing and the shifting of her bowel. Sounds like her time in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Crouse Hospital could vary from 3-6 more weeks depending on these factors.

Her heart should eventually move back to its place. Her left lung is smaller than her right and that is how CDH works but that could be worse.

We feel blessed and grateful for all of your thoughts and prayers. We look forward to when we can wrap our arms around Carly and take her home to Kearney Ave.  I will be sporadically missing days of school but no worries-they can be used wisely for Regents review.  Thanks again for your support.  You are a wonderful group of young adults.




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