Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show

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As we study Elvis and the culture and music of the 1950′s this is a must see. Notice nothing from below the waist-he hips moving was seen as obscene to many adults of the conformist era.

Sunday, April 27th APUSH Student Review

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Abby and Nick put together the list and drew the chapters for the 1:00pm April 27th 5 minute each review.  If this actually happens it is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen!  Here are the chapters:

Taylor Altwarg: 7 Adriana Devaul: 28 Nick Falcone: 14, 27 Rachel Gleason: 22 Keelie Hotchkiss: 1 Jared Jennings: 23 James Mickle: 19 Zach Tong: 9

MOD 4: Kate Badman: 30 Austin Barrigar: 2 Lester Bozeat: 13 Tori Duger: 18 Abby Fordyce: 10, 26 Stephanie Lacey: 8 Nick Lutz: 5 Austin Milton: 4 Zach Rink: 3 Brian Rowley: 25 Katie Szkolnik: 6 McKayla Weaver 16

MOD 10: Natalie Emerick: 16 Brittany Hares: 12 Jennifer Hartwell: 21 Jessie Karagosian: 11 Nicole Martino: 17 Taylor Solomon: 15 Ally Sylvester: 20 Zach Wagner: 24

Post WW2

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6 Minute video of post-1945 America

How Did WW2 End?

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3 brief minutes documenting how World War II ended.

WWII Homework for Thursday, April 3rd

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Reading Amsco pages 518-528, answer the following:

1.  What was the Good Neighbor Policy?

2.  On page 521, what were other FDR policies of economic diplomacy and EXPLAIN each of the four.

3. On page 526, define “cash and carry” and explain what the Selective Service Act was and why it was unique.

4.  What was “Destroyers for Bases?”

5.  Explain the Election of 1940 and why it was unprecedented.

6.  Define the following:

-Four Freedoms

-Lend-Lease Act

-Atlantic Charter

-Shoot on Sight

7.  What was the US issue with Japan on page 528?

FDR’s Pearl Harbor Speech

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Brief footage of December 7, 1941 followed by FDR’s speech to Congress the following day. “A date which will live in infamy” for certain.

US Prepares for World War II

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Brief Documentary of FDR and the US preparing for WWII

New Deal Summary

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EXCELLENT New Deal video in less than 5 minutes.

FDR Quote About Hoover

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“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”

FDR’s First Fireside Chat

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A 1933 listen to FDR’s emotional hold on the American people with his optimistic Fireside Chat about the Banking Crisis.

Documentary About Stock Crash

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A very compelling 10 minute explanation of Black Thursday and Black Tuesday and why/how the Stock Market crashed.

The Roaring 20′s Part II

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This video details more information on the Roaring 20′s.

The Roaring 20′s Part I

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Interviews and information on the Roaring 20′s.

Causes of WWI

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This documentary accounts for the causes of WWI.

World War I Work

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Well two straight days off.  At least we are prepared for it.  The exam for 20-21-22 will be moved to either Tuesday the 18th or Wednesday the 19th.

I am going to give you questions to answer below.  Put them on a separate sheet of paper.  This will require you to read Chapter 22.  To be honest, some of you owe me the 18 questions from break or the essay and today would be a good day for that to be done as well.  If you don’t have your APUSH Amsco book you are going to need to use Google.

*Do me one favor-only 37 of my 53 get these alerts. Could a few of you Facebook, text, Tweet, or Instagram your classmates so they can complete these questions as well?  That would be great.

World War I Questions

1. Explain in detail the sequence of events that led the world to war in 1914.

2. Explain the 4 underlying causes of the war.

3. Detaii American neutrality in the early part of the war.

4. Detail submarine warfare and the Lusitania.

5. Describe the US relationship w/ Britain and France.

6. What was Public Opinion of the war from most Americans?

7. Define preparedness

8. What was Wilson’s 1916 reelection campaign promise?

9. Detail the steps for the US decision for entering the war.

Thank you and we will see each other tomorrow :)  Please spread the word about the questions.

World War I on the Homefront

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This 10 minute video talks about WWI in America.

The Progressive Era

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This documentary gives a synopsis of the 1900-1916 Progressive Era in America.

Spanish-American War

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“The New Colossus” by Emma Lazurus

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This poem articulates what the American Dream of opportunity and a better life is about. It is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty awaiting immigrants at Ellis Island in the “New” era of immigration

The Men Who Built America

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The Men Who Built America

This page has the links to articles and videos of the men such as J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Cornelius Vanderbilt who BUILT AMERICA during the American Industrial Revolution from 1865-1900.


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